In June 2016 AAW invited the public to walk through situations and spaces that explored cooperation, disorientation, and the impermanent nature of memory. Live musicians, dancers and guides facilitated a experimental tour through the Torus Building (now Carrack Modern Art) in Durham, NC. Bending the rules of a typical dance performance audiences experienced personal moments with performers and by themselves including an extended handshake; walking down a tilted hallway; and a group challenge.  Somewhere between a fun house, art gallery and a backyard party, this event is tried spark curiosity and dialogue about the concept of spoken and unspoken rules of performance. 

Part of the Durham Independent Dance Artists Season 2, 2015-2016

Made possible by the generous efforts & financial contributions of our family, friends & supporters. 

Sunday, June 5th 8pm show, credit: Robert Wagg

Sunday, June 5th 8pm show, credit: Robert Wagg


Wild Actions is all of us together - Dave, Emily, Justin, Katie, Kerry, Sarah, Liam, Ginger, you and every person who joined us

Dave Cantwell says I have played drums and percussion for over 25 years.  Essentially self-taught, I've mostly performed/composed/recorded in the rock realm--but have also done a considerable amount of playing in improvisational combos (both ad-hoc and long-term), large "modern classical" ensembles, street brass bands, and even the occasional solo performance. A passionately, proudly avocational musician, I have always had a straight job; I've worked in Durham public elementary schools for the past ten years or so. I live in Durham and am typically playing in several bands at any given moment, often including one or more with my wife Kerry Cantwell. 

Kerry Cantwell has been playing with musical instruments for 25 years since she inexplicably decided to buy a bass guitar before leaving for college.  She has performed with the following amazing musical combos: The Scene of the Crime Rovers (marching snare drum), Actual Persons Living or Dead (drums), The Pusses (keyboards, percussion), and Horizontal Hold (synthesizer, vocals)—all of which either include or were inspired by her husband.  She was also heavily involved in bringing the Rock Lotto, a lottery-based music competition, to the Triangle in the late 1990s.  In the daylight, she masquerades as a college success instructor at Durham Technical Community College.  She is honored to be working with Ginger Wagg this year. 

Sarah Honer asserts that she is human: 

Tangles align.

Listen. (9). Question. 





Katie O'Neil is a raccoon. Current project is UPSKIRT, a poetic collaboration with Emily Withers. Catch her in upcoming WA shows!

Patience O'Neill is a person with a name. Doing things that people with names do, Liam hopes that you will remember that they are a person with a name that does things that people with names do.

Emily Withers is a writer and musician and more of what you want. Current project is UPSKIRT, a poetic collaboration with Katie O'Neil.


credit: Soleil Konkel

Wild actions thanks you!

For real. Huge thanks to all who have given time, space, talent, love, support, art, services, sweat and more.

Performers/collaborators since AAW conception in 2013: Alex Chassanoff, Brian Hicks, Dave Cantwell, Kerry Cantwell, Katie O'Neil, Liam O'Neill, Sarah Honer, Emily Withers


These organizations gave us the push, space and encouragement to make AAW happen: Durham independent Dance ArtistsThe Carrack Modern ArtSPECTRE Arts


Our friends gave so much love and helping hands - thank you! 

Alene Bulack, Alicia Lange, Alina Taalman, Amanda Saxe Barr, Angela Hugghins, Anna M. Maynard, Becky Mormino, Bevin Tighe, Charles Chase, Charlie Hearon, Chris Vitiello, Clark Blomquist, Craig Powell, Crowmeat Bob, Eddie Sanchez, Elizabeth Trott, Emily Withers, Emma Brinkmeyer, Ethan Clauset, Front desk angel at The Durham, Jane Jerardi, Jo Ann Robb, John Harrison, Jon Gregory, Julie Gatti, Justin Blatt, Justin Tornow, Kurtis Cloward, Laura King, Laura Ritchie, Leah Wilks, Leif Gann-Matzen, Lightsey Darst, Local Look & Listen at ADF, Maggie Funkhouser, Maria Albani, Mati Williams, Miguel Torres, Mike D, Mike Robb, Murielle Elizeon, Nicola Bullock, Olivia Hjermitslev, Patrick Tutwiler, Reid Johnson, Ric Palao, Robb Wagg, Ron Liberti, Sally Maslanksy, Sarah Carrier, Sensho Wagg, Shannon Bailey, Sharon Mansur, Skylar Gudasz, Soleil Konkel, Steph Russ, TJ Ward, Tommy Noonan, Tre Acklen, Tricia Mesigian, Vahid Moavenzadeh, Zeke Graves


Local, local, local! Support these businesses that support their local art community: All Day RecordsAlley Twenty SixBowbarrCarolina SoulMothers & SonsNeal's DeliNightlight Bar & ClubThe Northside DistrictOrange County Social ClubRumors BoutiqueSpira Pilates Studio


audience  credit: Robert Wagg


credit: Robert Wagg

performer  credit: Robert Wagg


credit: Robert Wagg

performers  credit: Robert Wagg


credit: Robert Wagg