credit: Trevor Snapp

credit: Trevor Snapp

credit: Soleil Konkel

Credit: Jil Christensen

Credit: Jil Christensen

NC ArtsCast: Interview with Ginger Wagg - parts 1-2 of 3

NC ArtsCast is a new local podcast by written, produced, and music by Jenks Miller. 

Part 1 “The Magic of the Mistake” 

Part 2 "Frivolous Artist"


The Jiggling, Gelatinous Creations of a Pop-up Jell-O Exhibition

Atlas Obscura (Gastro Obscura), Anna Kusmer,  April 30, 2018


Dance Review: Though It Offers Few Answers, Frivolous Artist Carefully Leads us Toward Questions About Art and Participation

Indy Week, Michaela Dwyer, March 30, 2018


Sparks Awareness

Susan Broili Arts Everything that moves, Susan Broili, March 29, 2018


In Frivolous Artist, Ginger Wagg Dances Around the Usual Relationship Between Performers and Audiences to Highlight Our Significance and Question Her Own 

Indy Week, Noah Rawlings, March 21, 2018


Site Terrific: A Third Friday When the Durham Dance Scene Just Worked

Indy Week, Michaela Dwyer and Brian Howe, September 20, 2017


Will The Triangle Take a Risk on Experimental Art?

Raleigh & Company, Patrick Tutwiler, April 10, 2017


The best (and worst) acts of Hopscotch 2016 / What's On Tap, Patrick Tutwiler, September 12, 2016


Ginger Wagg Tears Down the Curtain Between Audience and Performer in AndAlwaysWhy

Indy Week, Brian Howe, June 1, 2016