The Carrack Modern Art - recently closed* artist-centered, volunteer-run, zero-commission exhibition and event space in downtown Durham, NC

Charles Chace - maker of installations, collage, painting, music and exceptional things of all sorts

Chris Vitiello - fox of the people, writing perfomer

Crowmeat Bob - supreme horn shaman & my bandmate!

Culture Mill - non-profit artist-led organization whose programs and methods adhere to the organic, intuitive, dynamic and radical spirit of artistic projects

Durham Independent Dance Artists - an organization dedicated to connecting dance artists with audiences and dance audiences with artists

The Fruit - an art space and creative playground dedicated to making and experiencing visual and performing arts

Juan Huevos - beat maker &  rapper extraordinaire and has been a collaborator with GW longer than anyone else in NC y'all!

LITU - Leaving Impossible Things Unattended with co-creator/dj/designer/writer/geographer/trash taste maker Mike Dimpfl

Lump - takin' no shit gallery in Raleigh for the last 15

Nightlight Bar & Club - wonderfully grubby place where love rules and the sound is hot

Soleil Konkel - captures the Carrboro scenes in her lens

SPECTRE Arts - Durham force of art

Spira Pilates Studio - run by the incomparable Sarah Honer, the best place to get to know yourself - pilates/gyrotonics/spirit/body/mind



Flatsitter - musician, video artist & virtual reality maker taking you to other realms, out of Buffalo, NY

Jane Jerardi - dance & video artist, out of Chicago, IL

mansurdance - dance & video artist, out of Winona, MN