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Nakatani Gong Orchestra @ King's Barcade

  • Kings 14 W. Martin St Raleigh NC 27610 (map)

I'm psyched to take a workshop and then perform as part of the...

NGO, NAKATANI GONG ORCHESTRA, is a contemporary live Sound Art project that tours throughout North and Central America.

Kings in Raleigh, Doors at 8pm

NGO is a continuous, growing community engagement project; and the only bowing Gong orchestra in existence in the world today. The rich harmonies produced from multiple layers of bowed gongs are transformative, engaging and inspiring for both players and audiences.

The gong bows and surrounding instrumentation equipment are handmade by Nakatani Kobo. For each performance, participating gong players are selected by a local presenter.

Nakatani gives a specialized training workshop to gong players in preparation for the performance. Players will also experience Nakatani’s own unique point of view regarding Gong techniques, and will experience undiscovered dimensions while immersed in the vibrations and sounds during a training workshop. Nakatani is the composer and conductor for the evening of the performance.

 check out a video & the venue here & the FB invite here